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How do you mix a small white suit?

Carly – Claus latest photo, with a white suit with white nine points pants and black pointed high heels, very elegant and intellectual, which only wear black underwear, cool and sexy, wearing suits set out particularly attractive.
A white suit with a black T-shirt and black waisted wide leg pants, classic black and white forever, with a black hat add elegant temperament, a pink somewhat more mellow.
Kristen – Stewart is also with the white shirt with white trousers, inside and ride le fu shoes are white, very refreshing, handsome, and show neat chic.
In addition with white pants, white suit more often used with jeans, see Miranda Kerr in understanding how charming.
Olivia – Palermo white shirt with stripes inside and jeans, less formal sense of the package, it seems more relaxed and casual, but never lose temperament.
Small white suit sling shirt and jeans, flat shoes, it is suitable for daily shopping.
White West assembly hole jeans, more fashionable, handsome, personality, street wind, looks different.
Suits with long skirts, intellectual elegance, goddess fan full, white West assembly black yarn skirt, hand bag blue bag, concise without losing the bright spot, neatly with elegant and soft.

Ms. small suit with TIPS:

1, small suit with fish mouth shoes: no matter what kind of small style suit, and all kinds of high heels, shoes with the effect is very good.
2, small suit with Rome shoes: Rome shoes and small suit with fashion without leisure.
3, small suit Collocation: a lady shoes shoes collocation Oh well, you can pay attention to the collocation of color.
4, small suit with short boots: small suit and short boots with more handsome, but should pay attention to pants collocation, oh, I suggest the choice of small pants or tight pants.

What shoes do you wear with a small suit?

Ms. small what kind of shoes should suit collocation? As the saying goes, people rely on clothes, the clothes alone is clearly not enough, Ms. small suit collocation what kind of shoes can make you a little show and hide your shortcomings. In fact, many of the shoes are small suit and collocation, and the effect is still the best of all kinds of shoes, high heels, boots collocation effect is good.

What does a small suit look like?

The suit is relatively small all-match women, regardless of pants or skirt collocation of various styles, can easily out of fashion sense, collocation can suit pants or very much, such as trousers, casual pants, jeans, shorts, bag hip skirt etc.. This does not appear to be rigid, both maintain a capable characteristics, full of femininity.
Dress pants
How do you wear a small suit? Nice looking suit with a small suit
Ladies jeans
Ms. small suit with TIPS:
1, small suit trousers collocation: suit pants, very classic, perfect collocation, this dress is the most prominent female occupation, temperament.
2, small suit with jeans: small suit and jeans collocation, leisure feeling is full, very fresh, beautiful.
3, small suit with Shorts: small suit and shorts collocation, fashionable and generous, usually shopping, casual wear are very good.
4, small suit with packet buttocks skirt: small suit and bag buttocks skirt, is also very classic collocation, very OL capable and fashionable breath.

What do you look like in a small suit?

The small suit no doubt has the makings to have the makings, but what tangled up is the small suit inside wears any to be attractive, what clothes does the small suit wear inside? This is a lot of MM do not understand collocation, tangled problems. In fact, there are many clothes to match with a small suit, such as shirts, T-Shirts, vests, dresses and so on. Leisure, work, Hold can live.
Bottoming vest
How do you wear a small suit? Nice looking suit with a small suit
Ms. small suit with TIPS:
1, small suit collocation shirt: suit shirt, this is more classic, OL temperament collocation, very suitable for office women.
2, small suit collocation T-shirt: vest and T-shirt collocation, appear fresh, fashionable, office occasions and leisure occasions are appropriate.
3, small suit with vest: small suit vest, this is also a more common collocation, fashionable, sexy.
4, small suit with a dress: small suit and dress collocation, temperament more soft, very ladies temperament oh

How does a small suit coat match a small suit with a small suit?

Early autumn, what would you wear? Suit, sweater or shirt? These are autumn fashion clothing, of course, to a good visual sense of collocation. Xiaobian recommended several small all-match suit fashion collocation, teach you what collocation small suit pants look good.
How can a small suit match a small suit with trousers?
Light green suit coat + Red and Black Plaid Shorts
Light green slim suit coat, match animal design, yellow T-shirt, red and Black Plaid Shorts, vertical stripe base socks, thick bottom short boots, layering, bumping, color mixing, visual impact, more thin fashion.
How can a small suit match a small suit with trousers?
Red suit + black pencil pants
Red small suit, choose white silk blouse and black pencil pants to match, the color of the supernatant new bright, style is simple, not cumbersome, but there is a sense of leisure comfort. With high heels, charming temperament.
How can a small suit match a small suit with trousers?
Black Slim Blazer + denim shorts
Black Slim suit jacket, black classic colors should be all-match. Choose black suit, of course, more thin, more gas field. Is it a different flavor to wear a white T shirt and a pair of jeans and a pair of shoes?
How can a small suit match a small suit with trousers?
Plaid suit + white jeans with broken holes
The lattice charm was irresistible, with white holes in jeans, and dazzling orange belt, elegant and charming temperament easily through the OL, workers might wear oh.
How can a small suit match a small suit with trousers?
Lotus lilac suit + old jeans
With similar colors, it looks unobtrusive. The design of the suit and shirt with lace charm, slightly exposed belly, and old hole jeans, but also a seemingly low-key fashion show.
How can a small suit match a small suit with trousers?
White suit + Red wide leg trousers
Using big red pants, very active. Red and white is cool, so it looks like a red red, white is white, rosy color, style, but the temptation to Jane zhang.

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